Six days itinerary that allows to visit the most important national park in the South of Ethiopia, that in a high mountain environment  preserves a huge variety of avifauna and endemic flora and also the 4 big mammals: the Ethiopian wolf, the mountain nyala, the Bale monkey, the giant mole rat.

It is easy to combine it with trips by land in the South, but also with the other trips that start and finish in Addis Ababa. The itinerary is suitable for average excursionists.


Dinsho and the Fincha Aberra Waterfalls:At the entrance of the park there is a guest house, simple but in a great location in the middle of the forest and close to several waterfalls.
Sanetti Plateau: Located at 4000 m of altitude, it is the most spectacular and unique plateau in Ethiopia, thanks to the great variety of endemic fauna. A place of isolated purity.
Harenna Forest: Going down to  3000 m here it starts the Harenna Forest, a unique example of Afromontane forest ecosystem. The gigantic  timber trees hide the mountain lion, different breeds of baboons and birds, and also small bushes of wild coffee grow here.


  1. Addis Ababa or Awassa- Dinsho. Reach the heart of the park. Lodge
  2. Dinsho – Fincha Abera – Konte. Walk up to the waterfalls and then by car to Konte. Camping.
  3. Konte- Garba Guracha – Konte. Climb up to the beautiful lake of Gabra Guracha and back. Camping
  4. Konte- Tuludimtu- Konte. Visit Climb the highest peak of Bale (4377m), the second in Ethiopia.
  5. Konte- foresta di Harenna – Goba. By car up to the forest, possibility of different pleasant walks. Back to the city. Hotel
  6. Goba – Addis Ababa. Back to the capital.

Personalization and extensions:

– Sleep 1 or 2 nights at the Bale Mountains Lodge, in the heart of the Harenna Forest, to fully enjoy the evocative atmosphere of the most magic forest of Ethiopia.

– Add one night to visit the evocative Sof Omar caves.

-Go back to Addis Ababa thorough the Sheick Hussein road, the most important sufi sanctuary of Ethiopia (2 nights).