Ethiopia historic route and Simien Mountains Park by flights – MT02

Complete tour in the North of Ethiopia by internal flights that allows to go in a fast and comfort way the big distances that separate the monumental sites, enriched with naturalistic [...]

Ethiopia complete historic route by land – MT05

Complete tour to North Ethiopia with all transfers by surface, allowing a complete experience of the variety and width of unique Ethiopian plateau sceneries. It’s the ideal combination for slow-travel lovers enjoying [...]

North Ethiopia: short trekking in the Simien National Park – MT15

High mountain itinerary with landscapes full of escarpments and deep canyons that are populated by the Simien walia ibex, the Ethiopian wolf and many droves of Gelada baboons . The landscapes running [...]

North Ethiopia: long trekking in the Simien National Park – MT16

High mountain itinerary that allows you to go through the whole Simien Mountain National Park and surroundings countryside. From the escarpments and canyons in Sankaber, populated by the Simien Walia Ibex, the [...]

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