Ethiopia, the value of diversity


There are over 80 ethnic groups in Ethiopia, the main characteristic that differentiates them is the language, that also allows to recognize the ancient origins of these tribes: the Semitic, that migrated and then returned back from Arabia, the Cushitic, coming from the central Africa, the Nilo-Saharan that migrated from the Nile basin…but is the love for their homeland and the pride of belonging to a nation rich in history and tradition that joins this kaleidoscope of etnies .



For the people living in the highlands, religion is an essential part of the daily life, therefore ceremonies like Timkat, the baptism of Christ, or Meskel, the discovery of the true cross, are celebrated with big processions. The participation of the community is very high, and the feeling is very authentic. In the daily life also the famous coffee ceremony is a not to be missed appointment: a convivial rite full of tradition. Differently in the South tribes use to celebrate events mostly connected to essential moments in life, such as weddings or rites of passage inside the community.



Ethiopian landscapes are characterized by big mountains with steep highlands, divided by the Rift Valley, that crosses the country from North to South. The great diversity and vastness of this territory allows to compare Ethiopia to a continent by itself: high mountains, lowlands, highlands, steppes, desert, forests…this multitude of environments creates a big variety of climates, vegetation, and endemic species.



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