Gambella’s hidden treasures

Gambella - Ethiopia's wet western most region - shelters an important wildlife population. The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority is responsible for the protection and management of the park. Gambella's National Park is [...]

Ethiopia: land of origins

The range of terrain and climate make Ethiopia the fourth largest biodiversity zone on earth – with more unique species of flora than any other country in Africa – and a wildlife [...]

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East Ethiopia: short Danakil tour with Awash – MT09

Essential itinerary in the Danakil depression, ideal for who has just few days but wants to visit the most fascinating and evocative desert of East Africa, one of the few places in [...]

East Ethiopia: complete Danakil tour with markets – MT10

Complete itinerary that, after several interesting stops along the road to visit colorful markets, will lead you to the Danakil depression in all of its most attractive corners: from the capital of [...]

Western Ethiopia: expedition to Gambela and Surma – MT11

Original itinerary along roads rarely visited by tourists: Western Ethiopia is a remote area, unpredictable and fascinating where the population still preserves traditions and unchanged authenticity. It is an expedition because in [...]

East Ethiopia: expediton to Sheick Hussein and Bale – MT12

Original trip that brings you into the less known areas in Ethiopia: the Muslim-sufi East and Bale National Park. Spectacular landscapes are the scenery of a religious life much different from the [...]

East Ethiopia: extension to Dallol – MT19

Three days extension that allows you to visit the Dallol area, the black lake, the salt plain, where the local people still manually extract salt, that is then carried by endless caravans [...]