Medir, that means ‘Earth’ in Amharic the official language of Ethiopia, is a tour operator that has been operating since 2005 in Ethiopia and in some bordering countries.

The target of Medir is to offer an high standard service and to promote a cultural tourism that cares and respect the local reality, characterizing his work with original proposals.

The deep knowledge of Ethiopia and its traditions enables Medir’s staff to create classical itineraries adapting them to events and celebrations as unusual as meaningful, or enriching them with “out of the path” trekking routes and destinations. The tour operator is managed directly by the owner, Anna Dies, who relies on the support of two collaborators, Giacomo and Sara, who will ensure a quick answer to requests in 4 different languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French.

In the field work Medir Tour relies on a dynamic, skilled and professional Ethiopian equipe, specially careful to the travelers needs and ready to encourage that cultural mediation that is essential to make of each trip a real encounter.

The office is located in the modern center of Addis Abeba, nearby the well known Caravan Hotel. Medir Tour vehicle’s fleet is composed by excellent and well maintained 4wd cars, Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol models, and by a modern 14 seats van; in all of them air conditioned is available. The company also offers high standard camping material including both desert’s and mountain’s tents, shower tent, and satellite phone for emergencies. During the expeditions where camping is scheduled all the camping material is loaded by an extra car that foregoes the group in order to ready the camp before the tourist’s arrival, while the dishes are carefully prepared on the spot by the exclusive and professional cooks of Medir Tour.

Melkam ghuzo, have a nice trip!