Five  days travel through the rainforest areas west of Addis Ababa: Jimma, Bonga, Gibe Sheleko park,  during the coffee harvest.

Western of Addis Abeba the great rainforests begin, where wild coffee was born and still there is. These forests form a sort of natural seed bank – a genetic resource! Visiting Kafa is a stimulating experience for those seeking a beautiful destination off the beaten tourist path in Ethiopia. This undiscovered region offers historical, cultural, and natural wealth for tourists. The historic Kafa Kingdom left a legacy that has helped to shape the region and its people into what it is today. The area is home of numerous animal species including endemic birds, mammals, amphibians, and an impressive diversity of plants.  You can hike in forested mountains that are intersected by flowing rivers, feel the spray of dramatic waterfalls and explore deep valleys that lead to hot springs or caves.  The coffee harvest, which takes place the end of October and into December, is a very active time. All of the farmers are preparing, collecting, and drying the celebrated wild coffee. This is an excellent time to learn about the process and see how it is done first-hand.

Day 1. Addis Ababa – Jimma Early morning departure from Addis Ababa, arrival and in the afternoon visit the Jafar Palace. Overnight in hotel

Day 2/3 Jimma Bonga  In the morning we drive to Bonga  to visit the forest: trekking and coffee harvest, meenting  with Kafa people. Overnight  in camp

Day 4 Bonga  Gibe Sheleko park  Departure in the morning for the Gibe Sheleko Park on the way back to Addis Ababa. Overnight in camp

Day 5  Gibe Sheleko park- Addis Ababa  Walk in the park where you can see various species of endemic birds, hippos and crocodiles in the river. Return to Addis after lunch