Original itinerary along roads rarely visited by tourists: Western Ethiopia is a remote area, unpredictable and fascinating where the population still preserves traditions and unchanged authenticity.
It is an expedition because in the area the accommodations are few and mediocre, the tour is then organized using both simple hotels and our camps organised with igloo tents and high quality kitchen service.

Nuer: mostly sheperds, they live at the edge of Gambela National Park. Livestock is the base of their lives, that they carry on with great simplicity and dignity.
Agnuak: mostly fishermen and farmers, they live close to lakes and rivers. Women smoke long pipes, some of them still pratice the scarification of body and face. Their yards are clean and tidy, their huts often decorated with geometic design.
Surma: they are nilotic and mostly sheperds, even if similar to the more famous Mursi,  they preserve better their charming authenticity. Women use to deform their lower lips with a clay plate, men, with their majestic bodies, are valorous warriors.
Coffee plantations: we will go through the region of “Kaffa”, homeland of coffee: the plantations and the tropical vegetation are the landscape for a different trip in Ethiopia.


1- Addis Ababa- Gambela. Flight and city tour. Hotel
2- Gambela. Visit of the Nuer and the Agnuak villages. Hotel
3- Gambela-Tepi. Transfer and visit of Komo village. Camping or Guest house
4- Tepi- Kibish. Transfer, market. Camping
5- Kibish. Trekking and visit of 2 Surma villages. Camping
6- Kibish-Tulghit. Visit of 2 Surma villages. Camping
7- Tulghit- Bonga. Visit of a village and waterfalls. Guest house
8- Bonga-Wolisso. Plantations and transfer. Lodge
9- Wolisso-Addis Ababa. Visit of the crater. Flight connection in the night.


– Reach Gambela by land and visit the villages of Gumuz and Oromo.
– Add 2 days to visit Gambela National Park (fauna sighting between January and April). Important to check for the most appropriate season.
– Add one day to visit gold mine of Dima.
– Extend the itinerary to trek to Surma.
– Combine it  with one Omo valley itinerary.