High mountain itinerary that allows you to go through the whole Simien Mountain National Park and surroundings countryside. From the escarpments and canyons in Sankaber, populated by the Simien Walia Ibex, the Ethiopia wolf and many droves of Gelada Baboons, the itinerary goes down to the lowlands along a tributary of the Tekeze river up to the endless barley farmed fields of Adirkay. The last stops of the trekking are in nice local villages.
The logistical support for the trekking is provided by Medir Tour with the transport of the luggage with mules and also all camping materials with high mountain tents, dining room tents, and professional camping kitchen service.

The itinerary is suitable just for expert and well trained excursionists, and it can be organized just from the end of October to May.


Gondar: Camelot of Africa, seventeenth-century capital, unique with its castles and style that is a mix between the Asian and European one.
Simien Mountains National Park: Unesco Heritage site since 1979, the National Park offers wide views on the valley of Tekeze’ river, and also a unique overview of endemic fauna and flora of afro alpine ecosystem.
Jimbar Waterfalls: This spectacular 800 m waterfall is one of the most evocative view of the park.
Chenek: A terrace on the heart of the National Park where the dramatic profile of Imet Gogo stands out.
The Valley of Adirkay: The end of the trekking is a long itinerary through the beautiful valleys that surround the Imet Gogo massif, an excellent occasion to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the rural life in an exceptional location.


1- Addis Ababa-Gondar. Flight and city tour. Hotel.
2- Gondar-Debark- Chilquanit. From Debark, acclimatization stop over, around 5 hours through the Ethiopian countryside. Camping.
3- Chilquanit-Sankaber-Geech. Approach by vehicle and then around 6 hours walking with raise and falls. Jimbar Waterfalls. Camping.
4- Geech-Imet Gogo-Geech. Loop where 3 peaks are reached. Camping.
5- Geech-Enatyie-Chenek. 6 hours walk uphill to reach a spectacular peak. Camping.
6- Chenek-Bwai Peak- Arkwasiye. Climb one of the highest peaks and then descend to Arkwasiye. Visit of Ras Dejen. Camping.
7- Arkwasiye- Sona. Relaxing day, 4-5 h of lightly downhill walk. Amhara villages. Camping.
8- Sona-Mekarebiya. 7-8 h walking downhill along a river. Camping.
9- Mekarebiya-Amba Toleka. 7-8h walk. Camping.
10- Amba Toleka-Adirkai-Gondar or another destination. 2 hours to reach the vehicle and then transfer. Hotel
11- Gondar-Addis. Flight to Addis Ababa or another destination.

Personalization and extensions
– Add 2 nights to the itinerary to reach Ras Dashen, 4620m.
– Add one day and enjoy one night at the spectacular Simien Lodge (day2).
– Visit the community tourism project of Simcot at the community of Argin, with the demonstration of handcrafted products and activities.