High mountain itinerary that offers the opportunity to live an intense experience with the local community: Tesfa organizes several trekking circuits using guesthouses managed by the community. They are clean accommodations, but very simple and with sharing toilets.
Abuna Yosef trekking offers a rich combination of landscapes, community life, fauna and arts: the itinerary is enriched by significant visits to 2 important churches in the Lalibela surroundings; in the Abuna Yosef area it is possible to spot different avi fauna endemic species, Gelada baboons and rarely the Ethiopian wolf, over the typical afro alpine ecosystem flora. The paths for the trekking are the same used daily by the local community and go along the edge of escarpments with wide views of the valleys sprinkled with villages.

The itinerary is suitable just for expert and well trained excursionists.


Lalibela: Jerusalem of Africa, well known for its monolithic rock-hewn churches so rich of symbolism, mystery and spirituality.
Geneta Mariam: Monolithic church located at 25 km from Lalibela, its peculiarity is to be the only one built by a king from the Solomonic dynasty. Inside there are still very ancient frescoes.
Mekina Medhani Alem: The church is built inside a cave, it is architecturally unique, representing Noah’s Ark. The artistic charm is also enriched by the hidden location on the high side of the mountain that strongly evokes the asceticism and mysticism of monks lives.


1- Addis Ababa-Lalibela. Flight and visit of the 11 churches. Hotel.
2- Lalibela- Geneta Mariam. Around 3 hours walk with the first drop. Visit of Geneta Mariam. Guest House.
3- Geneta Mariam- Mekina Medhani Alem- Tadios Amba. Around 4 hours of demanding uphill and then 3-4 hours of half way up the hill walk. Guesthouse.
4- Tadios Amba- Agaw Beret. Around 7 hours of normal uphill. Night at 3960m. Guesthouse.
5- Agaw Beret- AbunaYoseph- Agaw Beret. Downhill from the top (4340m) and exploration of the surroundings. Guesthouse.
6- Agaw Beret- Ad Medhani Alem. 7 hours flat walk, with some raise and falls. Guesthouse.
7- Ad Medhani Alem- Lalibela. Spectacular descent to the holy city (3-4h). Hotel.
8- Lalibela- Addis or continue to the historical route.

Personalization and extensions
– It is possible to extend the itinerary up to 4 more nights on flat path towards Gashena.
– Add one day and enjoy one night at the spectacular Hudad Lodge.
– It is possible to realize a shorter circuit (4 days) to visit just the Abuna Yosef area.