Five days trip through parks and villages of Gurage, Hadiya, Wolayta, Gamo Gofa and Sidamo; markets by candle lights, artistic huts, nature and wildlife of the Rift Valley

Peoples that live along the west border of the Rift Valley have different traditions and mother languages. The stages of this trip will make us see such variety, passing through the vernacular architecture of fascinated painted houses and tukuls; rural markets, and among them a special one at night illuminated by candle lights; natural reserve with antelopes and a lake with hippos that is a paradise for birdwatchers; cultivated fields and coffee plantations; local food such as the one prepared with the leaves of false banana trees.

Day 1. Addis Abeba – Tiya – Walayta village – Sodo. Drive to the south from Addis Abeba; Tiya Steale field; arrive in Sodo, Walayta. Night in hotel at Lewi Resort

Day 2. Sodo – Murka – Maze Park. Murka market and Maze park. Night at the camp in the Park

Day 3. Maze Park – Sawla. Drive to Sawla, Gamo Gofa Region; night market. Night camping in the Catholic mission

Day 4. Sawla – Yirgalem. Yirgalem, Sidamo region; walking in the sidamo village and coffee plantation; coffee ceremony. Night at Yirgalem Lodge

Day 5. Yirgalem – Zway – Addis Abeba. On the trip back to Addis Abeba stop at Zway and navigation on the lake up to Gelila Island. Lunch and arrive at Addis Abeba in the afternoon