• Las Geel rock paint somaliland


The Republic of Somaliland is located in the Horn of Africa and borders onto Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia. It was proclaimed an independent republic in 1991, but to date is recognised as such only by Ethiopia.
In 2002, a group of French archaeologists discovered a remarkable site with extensive rock paintings. The site is located halfway between Hargeisa (the capital of Somaliland) and Berbera in an area known as Las Geel, which in the Somali language means ‘the place where camels drink’. The site is made up of several natural caves, located mainly on the summit of a hill. The caves, about ten in number, are all painted with figures (mainly of cows) that date back to 5,000 years B.C. The cave complex represents the most extraordinary rock art in the whole of the Horn of Africa.

A visa is necessary in order to enter Somaliland and can be received in a few hours at the Somaliland consulate in Addis Ababa. It costs 30 US dollars; a passport and photo must be supplied.

Here our proposal to discover this still unknown country:

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