The itinerary is designed to visit this small and unknown country, indipendent from Somalia but not recognized by the international community, that has kept a peculiar charm. This trip offers the possibility to visit the famous archeological site of Las Geel, see the gulf of Aden and swim in the warm water of the ocean and also relax at Hargeisa, to enjoy the real local life.


HARGEISA: capital of Somaliland, Hargeisa is a lively town with an interesting camel market, and an ancient part around the old mosque. It is nice to enjoy this atmosphere sipping cardamom tea and eat excellent sambusa.

LAS GEEL: the caves of Las Geel hide a collection of cave paintings from 5000 years ago, for this reason it is the most important site in the Horn Africa for this kind of art. The archeologists think that was an important cult place, and the atmosphere in the site is still mystical.

BERBERA: historic harbor in the gulf of Aden, that still shows the signs of the civil war. There is a long beach that at sunset becomes crowded with the local people that walk and swim in the warm water of the ocean.


1 day  cross the boder with Ethiopia, Hargeisa
2 day Hargeisa Las Geel  Berbera
3 day Berbera  Hargeisa
4 day Hargeisa border with Ethiopia


– Continue to discover the Horn of Africa by reaching Djibouti by land or air