Three days extension that allows to visit the most famous national park in Ethiopia: high mountain environment, its landscapes full of crevices and canyons are populated by the Simien Walya, Ethiopian wolf, and countless prides of Gelada Baboons. The wide landscapes on the Tekeze valley and the clear blue sky at 3000 m will make these days a real and authentic immersion in the nature.

It is easy to combine it with itineraries by land and by air in the North; the program can be adapted to the travelers’ willingness to walk. The accommodations around the park are from simple to luxurious, like the Simien Lodge.

The Simien Mountains National Park: Unesco Heritage site since 1979, the Simien Mountains National Park offers wide views on the valley of the Tekeze’ river, and also a unique picture of the endemic flora and fauna of the Ethiopian Afro alpine ecosystem. .
Jimbar Waterfalls: Mostly spectacular after the rainy season, the Jimbar Waterfalls, with 800 m waterfall, are a magic and not to be missed place.
Chenek: The heart of the National Park, it is a strategic location to enjoy the most spectacular landscapes of the park, and possibly the starting point for higher peaks (Bwai and Ras Dashen).
Community Tourism at Argin village: Visit the community of Argin village that organizes different demonstrative activities, encouraging a close contact with the local reality.


1- Gondar- Debark- Sankaber. Visit the Sankaber area and the Djimbar Waterfalls. Lodge or Hotel.
2- Sankaber – Chenek- Sankaber. Reach the heart of the park and possible climb of Bwai.
3- Sankaber- Argin Village- Debark-Gondar. Activities at Argin community and trip back to Gondar. Hotel

Personalization and extensions:
– Reach Chenek by walking and sleep one night in the Geech campsite.
– Add one day to simply admire the big groups of baboons and try to spot rare fauna.
– On the third day, if not visiting Argin village, it is possible to reach Axum by car .