Five days trip in south afar among markets of Bati and Asayta, date palms in Lake Afambo, the hot springs of Alalo Bed, Awash river and the national park, Afar and Karayou people

Day 1. Addis Abeba – Kombolcha. To the north east through the countryside of Wollo region; weekly market of Sembete, melting pot for Oromo and Amhara. Arrive in the evening in Kombolcha. Night at Yorgofe hotel

Day 2. Kombolcha – Bati – Samera. Monday market of Bati, one of the biggest open-space in the Horn of Africa. Continue to the south, Danakil region, populated by Afar. Their name means “free”, in fact they have been living with high level of independence also during the Ethiopian empire. Night at Samera, capital of the region, Hotel Kuriftu

Day 3. Samera – lake Afambo – Asayta market – Alalo Bed – Samera. Reach Asayta, the old capital of the Aussa sultanate. Continue to lake Afambo, an area that is farmed with date palms; nice walk and birdwatching. Market of Asayta. Continue to the south of Dutti, where at the border between Afar and Issa territories there are Alalo Bed lakes, with clean and hot water. Night at Samera, Hotel Kuriftu

Day 4. Samera – Awash. Going through a bare countryside, we will reach Awash National Park. This area takes the name from the Awash river, the longest in Ethiopia. This river flows in a big canyon and emerge into several lakes at the border with Djibouti. This is Karayu and Afar territory. Walk to the falls and night at Awash falls lodge

Day 5. Awash – Addis Abeba. Trip back to Addis Ababa; stop along the road to visit Karayu village, minority group of Oromo that lives in this area. Their social organization still follows Aba Gada, typical self-regulation system of Oromo, recently included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco. Meet a Karayu family and walk through the villages. Back in the capital by evening.