Two and half days trip across the villages of Embdbir, Maganasse and Wegepecha forest to deepen the knowledge of Gurage traditions.

Gurage area is on the west side of the rift valley. The soil is fertile and green, the smell of eucalyptus and false banana trees spread in the fresh air. Gurage people are a well-known ethnic group in Ethiopia, with the fame of smart traders and hard workers. They share cultural roots: artistic huts; the bread prepared with the leaves of false banana tree, the raw minced meet,“kitfo”; a Semitic language. Spending two days walking across the villages is an opportunity to see the daily life, deepen the culture, relax and enjoy great places such as a forest in a Afroalpine environment with its ancient pagan beliefs.

Day 1. Addis Abeba – Embdbir. Early in the morning go west up to Embdbir, Gurage; walking through the villages; lunch at the mission and visit one of the most beautiful Catholic church in Ethiopia; drive up to a remote village where friends will make us know more about hut architecture, coffee ceremony, food preparation. Night at the Catholic Mission or in hotel at Ghecce.

Day 2. Embdbir. Walking up to the village of Maganasse, where there is a huge sycamore tree; visit the school and the clinic of the Catholic Mission; picnic lunch at the waterfalls and then drive up to the Afroalpine environment of Weghepecha forest, where once in a year there is an ancient pagan celebration. Return to Embdir. Night at the Catholic Mission or in hotel at Ghecce.

Day 3. Embdbir – Addis Abeba. Early in the morning drive to Addis Ababa, through a panoramic road up to the top of Mount Gurage (3400m) that offers a beautiful view on the Rift Valley; visit the Tiya Stelae field and Melka Kunture stone ages sites. Arrive to Addis Ababa in the early afternoon.