Two days and half trip in Gurage area, sleeping in a traditional hut and walking through villages, rivers and waterfalls

In a Gurage village, about 230 km south west of  Addis, at 2000 m asl, there is a traditional hut that we have adapted for visitors. It is a real traditional Gurage hut, 8 m of diameter and two central fireplaces. These huts are a masterpiece of ecological architecture.

The hut is made by an open space with 4 beds, a dry toilette, a sink and hot shower are outside. The cook will prepare all meals with a mix of local products and food and international cuisine. An English-speaking local guide is available for walks in the nature, to watch the ensete production and other activities.

The area is very green and full of rivers, woods, and waterfalls. It is possible to walk and relax on the grass around the river.

Day 1.  Addis Abeba – Endibir. Leave early in the afternoon from Addis Ababa and drive for 230 km up to a traditional Gurage village where our hut is located. Dinner and overnight in the hut.

Day 2:  Endibir. Departure after breakfast in a circular tour through villages, rivers and waterfalls. Pass through Gogor creek, and then Enchuware creek and also Metrakal creek. Return to the village for lunch. In the afternoon walk for 2 hours through forests and villages. Back to the hut for sunset. A bonfire will be set up and a girl will prepare a coffee with the traditional ceremony. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3. Endibir – Addis Abeba. In the morning walk to ensete plantation to see the women producing Gurage staple food kotcho from the Ensete (false banana tree). From the roots they make a flour that is used to prepare bulla. Lunch and drive back to Addis Ababa.