Two and half day trip fishing along the banks of the Gibe river

The little-known Gibe Valley National Park is at 200 km West of Addis Abeba, between Gurage and Oromo zone. The Gibe river, the biggest tributary of Omo river, flows in a land rich in wildlife: hippos, warthogs, antelopes, crocodiles and several bird species. And fishes, often quite big: catfishes, carps, elephantnose fishes, silver scabbardfishes (called “gnam gnam”)… Mr Delmo is our guide, scout and skilful fisherman, well known by the local community. The receipt of this trip is fishing in the morning and in the evening… and camping under a big sycamore along the river, with nice bonfire, and sleeping under the stars.

Day 1. Addis Abeba – Gibe Park. Leave Addis Abeba in the early afternoon and drive up to the Gibe Valley National Park; after formalities, reach the campsite on the riverbanks, where it is possible to spot hippos. Fishing from sunset to night. Camping

Day 2. Gibe Park. Short walk up to “Mango beach” and fishing up to 10 am. Lunch at the campsite. Walk through the park, go back to Mango beach and fish up to 6 pm. Dinner at the campsite and fishing in the evening. Camping

Day 3. Gibe Park – Addis Abeba. Last fishing expedition in the morning. On the way back to Addis Abeba visit a Gurage village. Lunch in Wolisso at Negash lodge. Arrive to Addis Abeba in the late afternoon.