ETHIOPIA WILD BIKE goes through the old road that connects Addis Ababa (political capital) to Lalibela (spiritual capital).

During the 10 stages and 600 km of bike ride of this journey we will cross the largest plateau of Africa, which, from the Red Sea to the great valley of the Nile, looks from its ten thousand feet at the lowlands that surround it.

Our final destination is the ancient spiritual capital: Lalibela where we will spend an entire day exploring the incredible underground churches and the mystical Yemrehanna Kristos.

It’s a perfect place to ride your mountain bike.

In the most authentic “traveler” style we will camp on the banks of rivers or near small villages, crossing huge and tall canyons.

This country, considered one of the five poorest in the world, will leave an indelible mark in our hearts for the beauty of the place and the pride of his people .