South Ethiopia is still able to surprise even the most experienced travelers. Several years past since 4 wd cars from organized tourism started going through the southern regions in Ethiopia, but there are regions in the Omo valley still isolated, almost secret, hidden. This is our trip. We go out of the usual routes of tourism for Westerners. We will look for traditional markets, we will visit farmers, fishermen and hunters villages, we will be host by small communities of men and women. We will sail along the running Omo river up to its delta. It’s a unique trip.


Ziway: one of the lakes of the Rift Valley that offers a big variety of avifauna, it is also said that the Ark of Covenant had been hidden on one of the island for over 200 years.
Maze Park: unusual park for turists, it offers great possibilities to spot kudu and gazelles.
Markets: the most original and authentic markets in the South of Ethiopia. From the overnight market of Gamo tribe, to the Dorze weavers market, and of course the Omo Valley shepherds ones.
Mursi: the most famous and showy tribe in the Omo Valley, thanks to the women habit of deforming the lower lips with small plates.
Dessanech: By our private boat we will reach the most remote Dessanech villages in the Omo delta, where we can discover a more authentic and natural relation with this tribe
Kara: shepherds and fishermen, very similar to Hamer, they welcome us beside their village that offers one of the most spectacular panoramic view of the Omo valley
Hamer: Mostly shepherds, known for the beauty and care of their clothes and for the spectacular ancestral ceremonies.
Konso: great farmers, the tireless Konso have literally carved out a unique landscape with terraces and canals, so that Unesco has declared it Human Heritage Site.
Lake Chamo: offers an amazing boat trip that gives the chance to spot African crocodiles, hippos and a big variety of avifauna
Dorze: expert farmers, Dorze are famous for the peculiar architecture of their elephant –shaped huts, but also for the refining process of the false banana flour


1-Addis Ababa-Ziway : boat trip, hotel
2- Ziway-Maze Park : visit of Abiata Shala park, camping
3- Maze Park- Gamo village : visit of the park and Gamo tribe, camping
4- Gamo-Male-Jinka: visit of Male and Ari tribe, Hotel
5- Jinka–Mursi- Benna: visit of Mursi and Benna tribe, camping
6- Benna- Kara: visit of Hamer and Kara, camping
7- Kara- Omorate- Turmi: boat trip and visit of Dessanech tribe, lodge
8- Turmi-Konso: visit of Konso tribe, camping
9- Konso-Arba Minch-Chencha: boat trip on lake Chamo, Eco-lodge
10- Chencha- Langano: visit of Dorze tribe, lodge
11-Langano-Addis Ababa: city tour and departure.