Original trip that brings you into the less known areas in Ethiopia: the Muslim-sufi East and Bale National Park. Spectacular landscapes are the scenery of a religious life much different from the Islam that we know. Sufi Muslims bring a very present message of peace and interreligious respect.
The expedition goes through regions where there is not any accommodation and others where the accommodations are few and poor, so the tour is organized using both this kind of hotels and our camps with igloo tents and high quality cook service.

Awash National Park: in the heart of the Rift valley, the park offers the possibility to spot different species of animals as antelopes, kudu, crocodiles, and various kind of birds.
Sheick Hussein Sanctuary : located in a remote area after the gorges of Webe Shebele river, the sanctuary, built with white stones, is an important pilgrimage destination. The followers believe that the clay found in the holy enclosure and the water that pours from a cave have therapeutic power. It is a mystical place.
Sof Omar Caves: spectacular calcareous caves dugout by river Web, they take the name from a Sufi wise that used them for his meditations.
Sanetti Plateau: located at 4000 m altitude, it is the most spectacular and unique plateau in Ethiopia, thanks to the big variety of endemic fauna. It is a place of isolated pureness.
Harenna Forest: going down to 3000m we find Harenna forest, unique example of Afro-mountain ecosystem. The huge threes hide a variety of particular fauna such as mountain lions, different species of baboons and birds, and also wild coffee plants grow here.
Abiata Shala Park: one of the most interesting park in Ethiopia, it gives the possibility to spot fauna and also beautiful landscapes.


1- Addis Ababa- Awash. Visit of the park. Lodge
2- Awash- Sheik Hussein. Panoramic transfer. Camping
3- Sheik Hussein. Visit of the sanctuary. Camping
4- Sheik Hussein – Sof Omar. Visit of the Sof Omar caves. Camping
5- Sof Omar- Dinsho. Visit of the valley of Web river. Guest house
6- Dinsho- Goba. Excursion to Finche Abrera. Hotel
7- Goba. Visit of Sanetti plateau. Hotel
8- Goba. Visit of Harenna forest. Hotel
9- Goba-Awassa.Visit of Wendo Genet spa. Resort
10- Awassa-Addis Ababa.
11- Bonga-Wolisso. Plantations and transfer. Lodge


– Combine the itinerary with annual pilgrimages to Sheik Hussein sanctuary.
– Visit the Bale National Park with 2-4 days trekking .
– Stay at the exclusive Bale Mountains Lodge, located in the heart of Harenna forest.
– Add the extension to Harar at the beginning of the trip.
– Extend the trip with an itinerary in the Omo valley.