Complete itinerary of Djibouti where you can visit the most significant places that this little country can offer: the sea, deep blue surrounded by black volcanoes, one of the most beautiful coral reef, and geologically interesting places such as Lake Abbe and Lake Assale. In some places, like Lake Abbe, the accomodation will be in a quite simple local camp.


Plage Alta: between September and February, in this area, located at the end of the le Goubet gulf, it is possible to see and swim with the shark whales, in one of the most beautiful location of the coral reef.
Sable blanc:  relaxing place that offers a nice white beach and a beautiful sea where snorkelling is pleasant.
Tajura : white city located on the same name gulf, ancient capital of the Afar kingdom from where the caravans used to depart to the Ethiopian highlands.
Lake Assale : this salty lake (330 gr per liter), at 153 m under the sea level, is a spectacular view with its blue water surrounded by salty white sand.
Lake  Abbe : on the south part of the lake there are strange calcareus shapes, up to 50 mt high, old volcanic chimneys, some of them still active, that create an unreal lanscape. Around the chimneys, hot springs generate grasslands where the small cattles graze.


Day  1 Arrival in Djibouti and city tour
Day 2 Plage alta, excursion to spot whales shark, White Sands
Day 3 White Sands,Tajura
Day  4 Tajura Lake Assale Ali Sabieh
Day 5 Ali Sabieh Lake Abbe
Day 6 Lake Abbe Djibouti
Day 7 Djibouti departure


For trekking lovers it is possible to extend the program by adding the climb of the Ardokouba volcano, or the excursion to the Wuade Aybouli canyon, if you prefer the sea it is interesting to add Obok, historical place. It is also possible to add an itinerary in Ethiopia, reachable by land or by flight.