Five days trip along the Rift Valley, driving and walking at the four-thousand-metre high Sanetti Plateau; excursion at the Sof Omar Caves towards the plain of the Somali region

The highest road of Africa along the Bale Mountains goes through a 4000 m height of the Sanetti plateau, an Afroalpine environment where the landscape looks lunar, and between earth and sky there are the elegant shapes of the Ethiopian wolf. At the end of the plateau the road descends up to the erica belt and the (magic) Harenna forest. Bale Arsi is a wide geographical area where the Oromo culture gets mixed with the Ethiopian Islam, as it can be experienced in the sacred place of Sof Omar caves where the Weyb river flows for kilometres inside the mountain. Walking in the park with a skilled scout  is a great way to understand Ethiopia, as well as visiting the caves of a sacred river and people that worship it.

Day 1. Addis Abeba – Awasa. To the south through the Rift Valley up to Wondo Ghenet, rich in forests and hot springs. Keep on driving up to Awasa, a pleasant and young city on the shores of the lake. Night at Haile Resort

Day 2. Awasa – Bale Mountains Park. Fish market in Awasa; drive up to the entrance of Bale Mountains Park at Dinsho and walk around. Night at Webe Shebele in Bale Goba

Day 3. Bale Park. Driving and walking the whole day through the Sanetti plateau and Harenna forest. Night at Webe Shebele in Bale Goba

Day 4. Bale Park – Sof Omar – Asasa. To the north-east up to Sof Omar Caves; after an excursion keep on driving out of Bale Park up to the Catholic Mission of Asasa. Night at the Catholic Mission

Day 5. Asasa – Addis Abeba. On the way to Addis Abeba visit at the projects of the mission of Koffele and arrive at Addis Abeba in the late afternoon.